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        Welcome to the Moore Center for Theoretical Cosmology and Physics

        The Moore Center for Theoretical Cosmology and Physics (CTCP) at Caltech is an interdisciplinary center dedicated to studying the nature of the universe on the largest and smallest scales. Our research spans a wide range of topics, from the beginning of time to the ongoing dynamics of dark matter, galaxies, and stars.

        Research at the Moore CTCP has two major focus areas:

        Fundamental Physics and Cosmology

        Faculty: Sean Carroll, Clifford Cheung, Hirosi Ooguri, Mark Wise

        This focus area seeks to connect the fundamental laws of physics to the origin, evolution, and constituents of the universe. Themes include foundations of cosmology, particle physics in the early universe, and field theory in the late universe.

        Astrophysical Cosmology

        Faculty: Philip Hopkins

        This focus area seeks to understand the formation and evolution of some of the most striking features we observe in the universe: galaxies, large-scale structure, black holes and quasars, stars and supernovae.

        Researchers in the CTCP are located in the Lauritsen and Cahill buildings on the Caltech campus in Pasadena, California. See the Caltech map for details.

        Applicants for postdoctoral positions should look here, and applicants for graduate studies should look here.

        Header image based on an infrared photo of the Caltech campus by Tom Prince; background image based on a simulation of colliding galaxies by Philip Hopkins.