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        Welcome to the KNI

        Advancing Multidisciplinary Research in Nanoscience

        Research Highlights

        We developed DNA origami in 2006. The process has the potential to influence a variety of applications from drug delivery to the construction of nanoscale computers.

        Paul W. Rothemund
        Research Professor of Bioengineering, Computing and Mathematical Sciences, and Computation and Neural Systems

        Read about the Rothemund Group’s research here

        Paul W. Rothemund

        KNI Director

        Julia R. Greer
        Julia R. Greer
        Ruben F. and Donna Mettler Professor of Materials Science, Mechanics and Medical Engineering
        Fletcher Jones Foundation Director of the Kavli Nanoscience Institute

        Greer’s research focuses on nano-scale phenomena, such as mechanical properties, in-situ deformation, and nano-fabrication. Areas of investigation include: the fundamentals of electrochemistry in solid-state ion batteries to develop novel energy storage systems that utilize architected materials as electrodes, as well as synthesizing functional resins for two-photon lithography and 3D printing to fabricate cross-linked architectures with a variety of chemical functionalities.

        I build devices based on the fundamentals of light–matter interaction. They are all fabricated in the KNI. All this work would be impossible without it. I also bounce ideas off of KNI faculty - they are as good as it gets.

        Andrei Faraon
        2016 KNI-Wheatley Scholar | Professor of Applied Physics & Electrical Engineering

        Read more about Andrei Faraon and his research here


        The Kavli Nanoscience Institute at Caltech is an intellectual hub and facilitator of nanoscale research at the frontiers of electronics, photonics, quantum matter and technology, medical engineering, bioengineering, and sustainability.

        Our multi-user laboratories and cleanrooms are located in the Steele Laboratory at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, California. Specially designed for nanostructure synthesis, fabrication, and characterization, our facilities are available to researchers within Caltech and across academia, government, and industry.